Voting in the 2024 Federal, State, and Local Elections

The United States is in the midst of a political upheaval as it struggles to defend its democracy from authoritarianism. College students represent a powerful force that can help citizens preserve their freedoms and Constitutional protections — if they vote.

Research shows that students who follow the news in depth are more likely to participate in the democratic process. In the crucial 2024 presidential and state elections, student turnout will determine many of the results. The outcome of several close races in the Senate and House of Representatives will shape economic, social, and environmental conditions in the United States for a generation. Local legislative, administrative, and judicial contests will also determine the nation's political future.

In 2020, college student voter turnout climbed to a record high, with 52% voting in 2016 and then jumping to 66% just four years later. A similar increase in the 2024 presidential election vote is needed to safeguard American democracy.

A grasp of politics is an essential tool for professional success, and civic responsibilty. Following the news reveals how government policies are continuously creating global challenges and opportunities. Regardless of one's major — business, health, humanities, social sciences, STEM, etc. — understanding the linkages between current events and employment helps us adapt to changing circumstances.

This is why, during the period leading up to the presidential election on November 5th, Democracy & the News can be a useful addition to current coursework. Sometimes the topics may be directly related to a student's major or the subject of a particular course; at other times they will have a more general relevance. They will all address issues that impact the professional and personal well-being of college students across every discipline.

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